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i'm a person on the internet and this is my little silly space

may be known as notBurma, myanm, rainer, teppa, solocro, or some form of thomas and paul. any pronouns (here or here for more details!)

academic interests include geograpgy, history, vexilogy, videography, and politics (sometimes).

other interests are gaming, drawing, and writing (check ao3 in links for examples)!

i play terraria, minecraft, stardew valley, garry's mod, cult of the lamb, voices of the void, battleblock theater, scp containment breach, scp secret lab, and meteos, among a host of other games from time to time!

i'm one of three members of france has fallen! we have yet to make content but eventually there's going to be something i promise

all commies welcome ☭ i hold the right to seize the means of production


links: where i put links to my accounts on other sites n such

funny: where i put images i find silly/goofy/funny

shaped: these things are so shaped...

gallery: i'll put some art here, but the page isn't done yet

this_is_you: this is my webcomic! check it out if you wanna (i will not put updates here very often)

interest pages:

subsection of pages relating to my specific interests

polyominoes: where i talk about funny squares joined together in various ways

fairychess: semi-blog where i talk about chess pieces. i am not good at chess, mind you, but i have a massive collection of chess pieces and knowledge on the subject that i simply must talk of

blog: place i will maybe eventually keep a blog. for now if you want updates on my life check bluesky (in links)

poliblog: subblog i might work on where i get political

Yoojic Suburbionite